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Wondering what the [G] is in front of your name?

That's part of our chat system, made possible by HeroChat. We use chat "channels" to keep our chat as organized as possible, limiting spam, and making sure people can get their message to where it needs to go. Please make sure to use the channels for their intended purpose.


[G] Global - Used for general, server-wide chat.

[M] Minigames - Used in the minigame world for minigames.

[L] Local - Use this channel when you only want people within 200 blocks to hear you. Useful for towns and playing with friends.

[B] Broadcast - Used by staff to get important messages to players.

[C] Creative - Used in the creative and build contest worlds.

[S] Skyblock - Used in the skyblock worlds.

[D] Discord - Used to communicate with people talking on Discord and the #bridge channel

[IRC] - Messages prefixed with this are from our IRC channel. You can read about IRC here.


Chat commands can be found here.


Alerts is a custom plugin that reads chat messages and sends players 'ping' noises if the chat message contains (by default) 1. their full ingame name or (not by default) 2. any words that are in their custom alerts list.

Most people use this plugin for their nicknames. Since by default, it only alerts me (Pugabyte) to my full in-game name 'Pugabyte', I've added pug to my alerts list. This will alert me to 'pug', 'puga', and any other weird variations of my name that you all come up with. You might also use it for topics you want to participate in. For example, I could add hockey to my alerts list.

Just type /alerts in-game to get started. A help menu will appear with all the commands you will need to edit your alerts settings. Add an alert with /alerts add <word or phrase>, eg /alerts add rip in pugs

It is not case sensitive, and all PMs automatically alert you regardless of what the message contains.


You may have noticed the elusive KodaBear answer some questions, telling you some information, or saying hello to some people. KodaBear is our bot - as in, robot. Using a plugin, he picks up on certain events (Usually a certain combination of words in a chat message) and replies with a pre-set message. He is not meant to answer lots of questions, just some basic ones, quickly and accurately.

You may also notice his name on IRC - He is the relay bot. He's simply taking all the messages from in-game and sending them to IRC, and vice versa.

He is named after Pugabyte's pet pug. Its ironic though, because the real Koda wouldn't care enough to answer any questions. He'd just want to sleep.