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On this page, you can find list of every command you will ever need, sorted by rank.

<argument> - Required to complete the command.

[argument] - Not required to complete the command; An optional argument.


There's a lot of commands here, so they are sorted into categories.


These commands don't really fit into a category. They are ordered alphabetically.

  • /afk <message> - Mark yourself as AFK with an auto-reply message.
  • /protection - Show information about each of the three protection types.
  • /allow - Get help with allowing other players to each of the three protection types.
  • /book - Un-sign a book, making it editable again.
  • /calcspeed - Calculate your speed in minecraft
  • /cls - Clear your chat.
  • /countdown - Countdown!
  • /currenttime [player] - View another player's local time.
  • /itemdb - Get the ID of the item you are holding.
  • /kit starter - Receive a starter kit. You may use this once per day.
  • /faq - Read our FAQ list. Updated periodically.
  • /hours [top] - Check your play time on the server or the leaderboard.
  • /ping - Test the response time of the server.
  • /playersearch <partial name> - Look for players that have joined who's names contain <partial name>.
  • /rainoff - Clear the rain. Alias: /snowoff
  • /ranks - View a list of the Ranks
  • /recipe <item> - View the recipe for an item.
  • /rules - View a list of the server rules
  • /seen <player> - Check when a player was last online, or how long they have been online.
  • /shrug [message] - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • /suicide - Commit suicide
  • /swl - Toggle sideways log placement
  • /tps - View the server's Ticks Per Second.
  • /trash - Open a trash bin.
  • /who - View a list of players online, sorted by rank.
  • /whoiskoda - Learn about our Bot.


Every command you will ever need for LWC.

  • /lwcinfo - Learn about the LWC plugin and its purpose.

Right click on the protection you want to apply the change to after sending the command.

  • /cmodify <player> [player2] [etc] - Allow another player to use your LWC protection.
  • /cmodifyall <player> [player2] [etc] - Allow another player to use all of your LWC protections.
  • /cmodify -<player> - Remove another player's access to your LWC protection.
  • /hopper - Enable hoppers on your protection. (Disabled by default due to people stealing from chests using hoppers.) Use this on the chest/furnace/etc., not the hopper.
  • /cremove - Remove a protection altogether. Note: You will need to preform this command before using any of the following.
  • /cdonation - Creates a donation chest; player's can put items in, but only you can remove them.
  • /cpassword - Creates a password for the protection.
    • /cunlock <password> - Access a password protected protection with the password.
  • /cpublic - Creates a public protection. This is recommended over no protection at all, because no one can lock a public protection for themselves.
  • /lock - Recreates a private protection.
  • /crepeat - Automatically repeats commands, without having to type them out again. Here's a tutorial on this command


  • /compass - Find out what direction you are facing.
  • /depth - Find out how far above/below you are relative to sea level.
  • /getpos - Get your XYZ location, and some other location info.
  • /maplink - Get a link to your current location on the livemap. (Only works in overworld and creative world)

Worlds and Warps

  • /spawn - Warp to the world spawn.
  • /market - Warp to the Market.
  • /warps - Open the warps GUI.
  • /tpa <player> - Request to teleport to a player. Alias: /poof
  • /tpahere <player> - Request to teleport a player to you. Alias: /poofhere


  • /homehelp - Find out how many homes each rank has.
  • /sethome [name] - Set a home
  • /delhome [name] - Delete one of your homes.
  • /home <name> - Teleport to one of your homes. Alias: /h
  • /home <playername> <homename> - Teleport to another player's home. Alias: /h
  • /homes edit - Open the GUI to make your changes.


  • /mail - Open the mail GUI.
  • /mail help - Open the mail help menu to get help with PostalService.
  • /mail timezone <timezone> - Set your local timezone. Don't know? Look here Use the three letter one in parenthesis on the first line.
  • /mail check - Check for new mail from anywhere.
  • /mailbox set - Register a chest as a mailbox.
  • /mailbox remove - Unregister a mailbox.
  • /mailbox removeall - Unregister all your mailboxes.
  • /mailbox find - Mark all nearby mailboxes with a beacon.
  • /mail <mailtype> to:<player> message:<text> - Send another player mail. It is recommended that you start with the GUI instead of using this command directly.


  • /economy - Learn about Bear Nation's economy and some ways to make money.
  • /market - Warp to the server market.
  • /bal [player] - View your balance, or another player's balance.
  • /baltop - View the server's economic standings.
  • /pay <player> <amount> - Pay another player some money.
  • /trade <player> - Request to Trade with another player via GUI.
  • /trade accept - Accept a trading request.
  • /trade decline - Decline a trading request.


  • /mcstats - This lets you view all of you main McMMO stats
  • /mcrank - This shows you the rank of each of your skills compared to other players on the server
  • /mctop - Shows the top 10 players (by Power Level)
    • /mctop <skillname> - Shows the top 10 players for the specified skill
  • /<skillname> - Shows the scoreboard for the current skill, along with more detailed information about your current bonuses
    • /<skillname> ? [page] - Shows help about the current skill
  • /mcscorboard keep - this locks the scoreboard up while it is visible. Use one of the previous commands first, then use this command to keep the scoreboard up until you use /mcscoreboard clear or issue another command that changes the scoreboard. You can also use the shortened form: /mcsb <keep/clear>


  • /spvp challenge <player - Challenge a player to a survival PvP match.
  • /spvp cancel - Cancel a challenge in the pending/countdown stages.
  • /spvp <accept|deny> - Accept or deny a challenge.
  • /spvp end - Manually end the match if the other player logs out mid-match. The match will automatically end in 2 minutes if the player does not return. You will not be refunded your entry fee.


  • /alerts - Basic alerts help command.
  • /alerts edit - Enter a conversation to edit your alerts. A command is not needed, just type like you're talking!
  • /alerts list - List your alerts.
  • /alerts add <text> - Add an alert word or phrase.
  • /alerts del <text> - Remove an alert word or phrase.
  • /alerts clear - Clear your alerts list.
  • /alerts mute - Toggle the alert sound on & off.


Note: <nick> stands for the channel's nickname, which is usually the first letter. Ex: Global's nickname is G

  • /ch <nick> - Change the channel
  • /msg <player> [message] - Send a player a private message. Exclude the message to enter a "chat" with the player.
  • /r [message] - Reply to a PM. Exclude the message to enter a "chat" with the player.
  • /mail <player> <message> - Send an offline player mail that they can read when they log on.
  • /ignore <player> - Ignore a player in chat. Note that they can still see your messages.
  • /ch qm <nick> <message> - Send a 'quick message' to a channel, without having to change to that channel.
  • /leave <nick> - Leave a channel, hiding all messages from that channel.
  • /join <nick> - Join a channel, enabling messages from that channel.


  • /irc list - View a list of people on IRC (You can also see who is online on the tablist.)
  • /irc msg <user> <message> - Send an IRC user a private message.
KodaBear commands
  • ?who - Get a list of online players.
  • ?players - Get a list of online players.
  • ?list - Get a list of online players.
  • ?online - Get a list of online players.
  • ?tps - Get a TPS report.
  • ?lag - Get a TPS report.
  • ?msg <player> <message> - Send a private message to an ingame player. Use this in a private message tab with the bot so no one else can see it. (Click on KodaBear's name in the user list, and then click 'message')
CafeBabe commands

CafeBabe commands can be very spammy ingame, as well as inappropriate, so please refrain from using too many if players are online. You can always open a PM window with CafeBabe or join our CafeBabe specific channel with /j #CafeSlow and use any commands you want. Remember, any commands you send in the public channel will be seen by everybody - use a PM window to avoid this.

  • .help [command] - Get a full commands list or learn about a certain command.
  • .8 <question> - Ask the magic 8 ball a question.
  • .choose <option 1> <option 2> etc. - Randomly choose one out of x options.
  • .coin - Flip a coin.
  • .dictionary <word> - Get the definition of a word.
  • .encrypt <pass> <phrase> - Encrypt something for CafeBabe to later decrypt using the password.
  • .decrypt <pass> <string> - Decrypt a string encrypted by CafeBabe using the password.
  • .expand <shortened link> - Unshorten a link.
  • .isgd <link> - Shorten a link.
  • .lmgtfy <search query> - Let me google that for you.
  • .mcs - View the Minecraft Servers status.
  • .mcwiki <topic> - Get a preview and a link to the minecraft wiki for <topic>.
  • .namegen - Generate some cool names
  • .note <add|list|get|del|clear> <args> - Manipulate your notes.
  • .remind time: task - (Not working?) Remind yourself to complete a task at a certain time.
  • .spell <word> - Check your spelling.
  • .spotify <song> <artist> - Search for a song on spotify.
  • .spalbum <album> <artist> - Search for an album on spotify.
  • .spartist <artist> - Search for an artist on spotify.
  • .tell <user> <message> - Send an offline player a message that they will recieve next time they are online.
  • .showtells - Show your pending messages.
  • .weather <city> <state> - View the weather.

Full list:

Server commands
  • /ns identify <password> - Log in with your registered nickname.
  • /ns register <password> <email> - Register your nickname.
  • /ns set password <new password> - Change your password.
  • /join #<channel> - Join a new channel
  • /znc loadmod nickserv & /msg *nickserv set <ns pass> - Set up your bouncer to automatically authenticate with NickServ


  • /vote - View some basic voting information and links to vote.
  • /votelinks - Display just the links.
  • /vp - Learn about Vote Points
  • /myvp - View how many Vote Points you have.
  • /vps - Open the Vote Point Store
  • /topvoter - View information about the Top Voter rank.
  • /topvoters - View the Top Voters of the previous month.
  • /votetop [amount] [month] - View the vote leaderboards.
  • /canivote - Check if you can vote on each site.
  • /banner <buy <name> | textures | custom> - For the non-craftable banners in the VPS.

Links and Information

Staff related

  • /ticket <message> - Create a ticket to request a staff member's help. Don't worry if no staff are online, the ticket is saved until a staff member closes it.
  • /ivebeengriefed - View information on what to do when you get griefed.
  • /onlinestaff - View a list of online staff.
  • /staff - View a list of all current staff.


Protection Stones

  • /pstoneinfo - Learn about the Protection Stones plugin and it's purpose.
  • /freepstone - Receive your free Protection Stone. This command only works once per month.

All of the following commands edit the field you are currently standing in.

  • /ps allow <player> - Allow another player to your edit inside Protection Stone field.
  • /ps remove <player> - Remove another player's access to your field.
  • /ps info - View information about the field. The same output is given by right clicking on a field block with a diamond tool.
  • /ps visualize - Create a temporary glass box around your field, showing you what is protected.
  • /ps take - Remove the protection block and place it in your inventory.
  • /ps allowed - Get a list of who is allowed to the field.
  • /ps mark - Create temporary obsidian towers at the locations of your nearby Protection Stones.
  • /ps toggle prevent-flow - By default, PStones block water flow from outside the field. Use this to turn that off, then place a block near the edge of the field where the water is to start the flow. Turn it back on afterwards by repeating the command.


  • /tradesigns - Learn how to make a Trade Sign Shop.
  • /shops <info|set|del|list|playername> - Use the shop system.


Learn more about our Minigames here.

  • /gl - Warp to the Minigame lobby.
  • /mgn - Countdown to next Minigame night.
  • /mgm join <arena name> - Join a minigame arena, though right clicking a sign is simpler.
  • /mgm quit - Exit a minigame.
  • /ma join <mob arena name> - Join a mob arena, also primarily done with signs. Case Sensitive.
  • /ma leave - Exit a mob arena.
  • /pa leave - Exit a parkour course.
  • /spleef leave - Exit a spleef/splegg arena.


  • /creative - Warp to the creative world
  • /ci - Clear your inventory
  • /ptime [list|reset|day|night|dawn|17:30|4pm|4000ticks] - Change your time (not the world time)
  • /speed <0-3> - Change your fly/walk speed
  • /jump - Teleport to where you are looking
  • /i <item ID|name> - Spawn an item
  • /kit tf - Get the default terraforming kit
  • /plot visit <player> - Teleport to a player's plot
  • /plot home - Teleport to your plot's home
  • /plot sethome - Set your plots home
  • /plot setbiome <biome> - Change the biome of your plot
  • /plot middle|center - Teleport to the center of your plot
  • /plot clear - Clear your plot and start over
  • /plot delete - Clear your plot and un-claim it
  • /plot auto - Automatically claim a plot near spawn.
  • /plot claim - Claim the plot you are currently in
  • /plot add <player> - Allow a player to build in your plot while you are online.
  • /plot remove <player> - Remove a player's permissions to your plot
  • /plot merge - Merge the plot you are facing with the plot you are in.
  • /plot unmerge - Break the plots back into individual plots. All work in the path area will be deleted.
  • /plot limit - View how many plots you can claim.
  • /plot flag set weather <clear | rain> - Change the weather in your plot
  • /plot flag set device-interact <true | false> - Allow players to interact with pressure plates and levers
  • /plot flag set time <time in ticks> - Change the time in your plot (6000 ticks = noon, 18000 ticks = midnight)
  • /plot flag remove <flag> - Unset a flag
  • /plot schematic paste url:<key> - Restore your plot to a previously saved state
  • /dlrequest - Use while standing in your plot to request a copy of your plot. A staff member will assist you as soon as possible.

You may use WorldEdit in the Build Contests and the Creative world

  • //wand - This will give you the WorldEdit wand to make selections with. Left-click to set the first position, right-click to set the second position.
  • //pos1 - Set the first position to the block at your feet.
  • //pos2 - Set the second position to the block at your feet.
  • //hpos1 - Set the first position to the block you're looking at.
  • //hpos2 - Set the second position to the block you're looking at.
  • //count <block ID> - Count how many blocks there are of the specified type in a selection.
  • //set <block ID> - Set all the blocks in the region to the specified block.
  • //copy - Copy the contents of the selection. Be aware that it copies relative to where you are.
  • //paste [-a] - Paste whatever you have copied to your clipboard. Using -a will not paste air blocks.
  • //rotate [degrees] - Rotate your clipboard.
  • //flip [direction] - Flip the clipboard. If you don't specify a direction, it will flip whatever direction you're already looking.
  • //replace <target block ID> <desired block ID> - Replace all the target blocks with the desired blocks.
  • //walls <block ID> - Create four walls in the region.
  • //outline <block ID> - Create four walls, a floor, and a ceiling.
  • //center <block ID> - Set the center block(s) in the region and to the specified block.
  • //fill <block ID> <radius> [depth] - Fill in an area with the specified block type. Can also specify how far below to fill.
  • //move [amount] [direction] [block ID] - This command will, without anything specified, move the entire selection one block in whatever cardinal direction you're facing (north, east, south, west). You can specify the amount of blocks to move it. You can specify the direction. You can also specify a block type to replace all the moved blocks.
  • //naturalize - Replace the top three blocks of the selection's surface with grass/dirt. Make sure to set all blocks to be naturalized as stone!
  • //expand <amount> - Expand your selection. You may also use the custom variants: //expandall, //expandh (horizontal), and //expandv (vertical).
  • //contract <amount> - contract your selection. You may also use the custom variants: //contractall, //contracth (horizontal), and //contractv (vertical).
  • //br s [-h] <block ID> [radius] - Basic sphere brush tool. Will place spheres of the specified block ID. Using -h can make it hollow spheres. If you don't set a radius, it will be automatically set to 2.
  • //mask <block ID> - Makes a brush only affect the specified block type.
  • /asc - Will ascend you to the next highest level.
  • /top - Will take you to the top.
  • /desc - Will descend you to the next lowest level.
  • /thru - Will teleport you through a wall.

For more WorldEdit help, go to the wiki or watch the tutorials.


You may use VoxelSniper in the Build Contests and the Creative world

  • /v [block ID] - Set the used block type to the specified block. If you don't specify what block to use, it will automatically select the block you're looking at.
  • /b - Bring up your current brush settings.
  • /b # - Set the radius of your brush.
  • /b <brush type> - Set your brush type.
  • /u [number] - Undoes one (or the amount specified) Voxel command(s).

Different brush types:

  • /b s - Snipe.
  • /b b - Ball. Creates a sphere.
  • /b v - Voxel. Creates a cube.
  • /b d - Disc. Creates a horizontal disc.
  • /b vd - Voxel disc. Creates a horizontal square.
  • /b df - Disc face. Creates a vertical disc.
  • /b vf - Voxel disc face. Creates a vertical square.
  • /b e <melt, fill, smooth, lift> - This is the erosion brush. Can be set to melt, fill, smooth, or lift. Each do different functions. Ask in-game for a more comprehensive answer.

For more VoxelSniper information, first consult the wiki and YouTube tutorials, then ask in game.

WE/VS Tutorials

// todo




  • /gms - Survival mode (Minigame/build worlds only)
  • /gmc - Creative mode (Minigame/build worlds only)
  • /fly - Up, up, and away!
  • /kittycannon - Throw an exploding kitten.
  • /tppos <X> <Y> <Z> [world] - Teleport to certain coordinates.
  • /craft - Open a crafting table.
  • /echest - Open your enderchest
  • /pt [command] - Assign a command to the item you're holding. Don't include the '/'. Exclude the command argument to remove the command on the current tool.
  • /pt toggle - Turn powertools on or off.
  • /asc - Go up a level.
  • /desc - Go down a level.
  • /thru - Go through a wall.
  • /top - Go up to the top block.
  • /arenas <list | tp | set | del> [name] - Arena warps


  • /bigtree - Create a big tree.
  • /kittycannon - Throw an exploding kitten.
  • /tp <player> - Teleport to a player
  • //help - A full list of World Edit commands. YouTube tutorial on WorldEdit



  • /staffwarps <list | tp | set | del> [name] - Staff warps
  • /arenas <list | tp | set | del> [name] - Arena warps
  • /blockcenter - Teleport to the center of a block
  • /wither leave - Stop spectating a wither match
  • /spvp leave - Stop spectating a SurvivalPVP match


  • /tickets <view|tp|close|open> <#> - Use the ticket system
  • /tt <#> - Teleport to a ticket
  • /ct <#> - Close a ticket
  • /oldtickets - View closed tickets
  • /reopen <#> - Reopen a closed ticket
  • /checkticket <#> - view information about a ticket
  • /replyticket <#> - Reply to a ticket


Check out the Prism page for a more comprehensive wiki.

  • /prparams - Help File: Parameters.
  • /practions - Help File: Events, such as break, place, etc.
  • /prlookups - Help File: Find grief.
  • /prrb - Help File: Fix grief.
  • /prothers - Help File: Other commands.
  • /pr i - Use the inspector wand. Ignore the red text.
  • /pr near - View logs in a 10 block radius.
  • /pr l <parameters> - Lookup changes with parameters to narrow/widen your search.
  • /pr pg <#> - Turn to page <#>.
  • /pr tp <#> - Teleport to result <#>.
  • /pr pv rb <parameters> - Perform a rollback.
  • /pr pv rs <parameters> - Perform a restore.
  • /confirm - Confirm a rollback.
  • /cancel - Cancel a rollback.
  • /pr ex <r> - Extinguish fire within <radius>.
  • /pr drain <r> - Drain water/lava within <radius>.
  • /pr undo - Undo a drain.


  • /mute <player> [time] [reason] - Mute someone.
  • /remute <player> [time] <reason> - Execute this within 5 minutes of a previous mute to edit the reason of the mute
  • /unmute <player> - Unmute someone.
  • /cc - Clear chat for non-staff members. Your chat will not be cleared.
  • /ch kick <channel> <player> - Kick a player from a channel.
  • /ch ban <channel> <player> - Ban a player from a channel.


  • /irc list - List of online IRC users
  • /irc mute <user> - Mute an IRC user.
  • /irc unmute <user> - Unmute an IRC user.
  • /irc whois <user> - List information about the user.
  • /irc disconnect - Disconnect server from IRC.
  • /irc connect - Reconnect server to IRC.
  • /cs flags #Bear-Nation <user> (VOP|HOP|AOP|SOP) - Promote a registered user to a high rank on IRC. Look here for a list what IRC ranks correspond with ingame ranks.
  • ?alts <player> - See if the player has logged on with another account on the same IP.
  • ?ipreport - Run /alts on every online player
  • ?tickets - View open tickets
  • ?ct <#> - Close a ticket
  • ?ban <player> - Ban a player
  • ?kick <player> <reason> - Kick a player
  • ?mute <player> <reason> - Mute a player
  • ?unmute <player> - Unmute a player
  • ?warn <player> <reason> - Warn a player
  • ?unwarn <player> - Remove a player's last warning
  • ?cc - Clear chat
  • ?gc - More detailed lag report
  • /mode +b *!*@<hostname of user> - Ban a user. Follow this with a /kick
  • /whois <user> - Get some information about the user, like their hostname.


  • /ban <player> [time] <reason> - Ban a player
  • /reban <player [time] <reason> - Execute this within 5 minutes of a previous ban to edit the reason of the ban
  • /unban <player> - Lift a ban on a player.
  • /mute <player> [time] <reason> - Mute a player
  • /remute <player> [time] <reason> - Execute this within 5 minutes of a previous mute to edit the reason of the mute
  • /kick <player> [reason] - Kick a player from the server.
  • /history <player> - Check the player's warning/mute/kick/ban history.
  • /checkban <player> - Check if a player is currently banned.
  • /alts <player> - Check if the player has logged on with a different account or IP.
  • /ipreport - Executes /alts for all online players.
  • /banip <player> [time] [reason] - Ban a player's IP
  • /unbanip <player> - Unban a player's IP.
  • /warn <player> <reason> - Warn a user.
  • /unwarn <player> - Deletes the last warning.
  • /banlist <page> - View active bans.\
  • /sw <player> Smite/warn a player for not following minigame rules.
  • /punishments - View the guidelines for ban length.
  • /calcban <# of past griefing bans> <# of blocks griefed> - Get a rough suggestion for ban length for griefing offenses.


  • /freeze <player> - Toggle a player's frozen state.
  • /unfreeze <player> - Unfreeze a player.
  • /frozen - List all frozen players.

Protection Stones

  • /psco <player> - Change the owner of a Protection Stone to <player>
  • /ps locations <player> - Find the coordinates of a player's Protection Stones in that world. Use with /tppos.


  • /vanish - Vanish. (duh...)
  • /vanish fakejoin - Unvanish and broadcast a join message.
  • /vanish fakequit - Vanish and broadcast a quit message.
  • /vanish t chests - Toggle silent container opening.
  • /vanish t damage-out - Toggle hurting mobs.
  • /vanish check - Check your current vanished state.
  • /np - Toggle picking up items while vanished.
  • /nf - Toggle mobs targeting you while vanished.
  • /ni - Toggle blocking any interactions, such as redstoney things, blocks and mobs while vanished.


  • /mobcap <new limit> - Change the mob-only cap on the current plot
  • /entitycap <new limit> - Change the entity cap on the current plot
  • /makedownload <player> - Force the player to generate a download link for their plot. The player must be inside their plot when you execute the command.
  • /redstone <on|off> - Toggle redstone in the plot (no space!)


  • /staffinfo - Show the Staff Info menu- outdated in some places but great for quick reference
  • /hours <player> - Check a player's online time.
  • /status - Toggle your status board on and off.
  • /shops mod list <add|del> <player> - Add or remove a player from the '/shops list' list
  • /shops mod del <playername> - Delete another player's shop teleport
  • /ch [qm] s - Talk in the Staff Channel.
  • /ch [qm] b - Talk in the Broadcast Channel.
  • /speed [fly|walk] <speed> - Change your fly or walk speed. If type is exclude, it will change the speed of whatever you are currently doing.
  • /god - Turn on God mode (Invincibility)
  • /fly - Turn on fly
  • /echest - Access your enderchest.
  • /invsee <player> - Access/edit another player's inventory. Alias: /openinv
  • /openender <player> - Access/edit another player's ender chest.
  • /tppos <X> <Y> <Z> - Teleport to coordinates.
  • /tp <player> - Teleport to <player>
  • /s <player> - Teleport <player> to you.
  • /jump - Jump to where your cross-hairs are.
  • /asc - Go up a level.
  • /desc - Go down a level.
  • /thru - Go through a wall.
  • /top - Go up to the top solid block.
  • /spawn <player> - Force a player to go to spawn
  • /warp <player> <warp> - Force a player to go to a warp.
  • /timeafk <player> - See how long a player has been AFK for.
  • /hasreadrules <player> - Check if a player has read the rules.
  • /welc <player> - Generic welcome message.
  • /forcechannel <player> <channel shorthand> - Force a player to switch channels.
  • /signlines - Edit a sign. Example: /signlines -1 This is line 1 -2 This is line 2 -4 <empty>


  • /back - Teleport back to the location of your death
  • /setrank <player> <rank> - Change the rank of <player>
  • //help - WorldEdit help
  • /workbench - Open a crafting table
  • /spawner <mob> - Change the spawner type.
  • /pt [a:][command] - Tie a command to the block you are holding. No '/' needed. Don't specify a command to remove the tie. Include one '/' for WorldEdit commands. Including a: will add the command on top of any other commands already tied to the item.
  • /pt toggle - Turn all powertools off
  • /burn <player> - Set fire to a player.
  • /ext - Extinguish a player
  • /gms - Survival mode
  • /gmc - Creative mode
  • /kittycannon - Throw an exploding kitten.
  • /mob <type> <amount> - Spawn mobs.
  • /delhome <player> <homename> - Delete another player's home.
  • /sethome <player> <homename> - Set another player's home.
  • /setwarp <warp name> - Set a warp.
  • /more - Get a full stack of what you are holding.
  • /erepair - Repair the item you are holding.
  • /smite - Lightning.
  • /speed [type] <speed> [player] - Change the speed of player.
  • /staffhistory <player> - View the warn/mute/kick/ban history of a staff member.
  • /prunehistory <player> <time> - Clear this history of a player going back <time>.
  • /staffrollback <player> <time> - Undo a staff member's actions going back <time>.
  • /lwcco <player> - Change the owner of a chest.
  • /timings on - Start a timings report.
  • /timings paste - Get a timings report.
  • /hoh <addrank | about | view> <player> [text] - Edit Hall of History NPCs.



  • /prefix <newprefix> - Set your prefix. Use color codes if you wish.
  • /sort - Auto sort your stuff into nearby chests.
  • /pv <#> - Open a vault. Your first vault is #1 (/pv 1)
  • /ptime [list|reset|day|night|dawn|17:30|4pm|4000ticks] - Change the visible time. It will not remove monsters at night!
  • /donorskull - Receive your skull (once per day)
  • /hat - Put the item you are holding on your head.
  • /sort - Sort your inventory into nearby chests
  • /autosort <chests|inventory> - Toggle autosorting
  • /rba - Toggle rainbow armour on/off.

Pet Blocks

  • /petblock - Open the GUI

Miniature Pets

  • /mpet open - Open the GUI
  • /mpet setName [name] - Name your pet. You may use colorcodes. Leave the name empty to remove the name.


  • /pet - Opens the pet selection menu
  • /pet menu - Opens the pet selection menu
  • /pet hat - Wear your pet on your head
  • /pet ride - Ride your pet (Only for horses and llamas)
  • /pet list - Lists all the pets available
  • /pet remove - Remove your pet
  • /pet summon <pet> - Spawns a pet


Warning - Disguising while in creative may remove your armour/elytra/hat!

  • /undis - Undiguise
Farm pack
  • /dis pig [setSaddled]
  • /dis sheep [setColor Blue|Light_Blue|Cyan|Purple|Magenta|Red|Brown|Green|Lime|Black|Silver|Light_Gray|White|Yellow|Orange]
  • /dis cow
  • /dis chicken
  • /dis rabbit [setType Black|Brown|Gold|Killer_Bunny|Patches|Pepper|White]
Misc pack
  • /dis villager [setProfession Farmer|Librarian|Priest|Blacksmith|Butcher]
  • /dis irongolem
  • /dis wolf
  • /dis snowman
  • /dis squid
Dangerous pack
  • /dis zombie
  • /dis spider
  • /dis skeleton
  • /dis creeper
  • /dis pigzombie
NetherEnding pack
  • /dis enderman
  • /dis blaze
  • /dis endermite
  • /dis ghast
  • /dis witherskeleton