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IRC, short for Internet Relay Chat, is a chat protocol that, with the help of a plugin, allows players to connect to the in-game chat from just about any device. It is not like minechat in the aspect that you are not in-game; You are simply seeing the chat messages. Koda, the relay bot, relays messages sent from in game to IRC, and vise versa. IRC has been around for more than a decade, and it shows no signs of going away - this can be a tool you can use for the rest of your life, not just for the server.

You can also see who is on IRC on the tab list - any grey names prefixed with an IRC are on IRC. Conversely, you can see who is ingame from IRC by using the command ?who.

Connecting to IRC

Our web client

If you are new to IRC, I recommend simply using the "Chat" tab on our website's navigation bar. All you have to do is type in your name in the empty box and click "Start".

One of the most useful features of IRC is custom notifications- much like the /alerts system in-game, you can make a list of words that you would like a notification for if they are said in chat. Click the settings gear in the lower left corner to edit your notification settings.

Other clients

However, feel free to connect to us on your preferred client if you have used IRC before. There are also many mobile apps that can improve your IRC experience.

Suggested Clients:

  • For Windows & Linux
HexChat with black theme.
  • For OS X
Textual 5 - Has a free trial that does not run out.
LimeChat - Very simple client.
  • For Android
AndroIRC - Easy to read & custom notifications per server.
  • For iOS
Palaver - Costs money, but works well
IRCCloud - Free (ish), nice interface, works on most devices. Account required, some features cost money. Also on Android.

Connection details

Use these details if you are connection to IRC via another client.

Server / Address / Host :
Port : 6667
SSL : false
Channel : #Bear-Nation,#CafeSlow

Registering your Nickname

Registering your name makes it so only you can use your name, no one else. (This step is required for staff). If you want to do this, follow the steps below.

  1. In IRC, type /ns register <password> <email>
  2. Go to your email and copy / paste the confirm command into IRC.
  3. You're good to go! Next time you use IRC, use /ns identify <password> to log in.


There are 5 ranks on IRC. You must have a registered nick be promoted.

  • Owner (~) - PugaBear
  • Super OP (&) - Admins
  • OP (@) - Operators
  • Half OP (%) - Moderators & Koda (the relay bot)
  • Voice (+) - Other bots and Build Admins


  • No unauthorized bots
  • Follow in-game chat rules
  • No impersonating other players
  • Use a name that people will recognize you by


There are some commands that you can use on IRC, as well as some in-game commands. A list can be found here, and a list of staff IRC commands can be found here.


A bouncer is a program that runs on the BN server (aka computer) that always stays connected to IRC and lets you read messages that occurred while you were not connected. All Moderators and above are given bouncers upon promotion. The bouncer will save up to 2,000 messages that were sent while you were offline, and send them to you once you connect. The 'buffer' (message storage) will then clear and repeat the process.

Connection details

Unlike when you are using a normal client, you will not be connecting to an IRC server, but instead to the ZNC software on our server. The details below will allow you to connect to your bouncer.

Server / Address / Host :
Port : 5000
SSL : false
Your username and password will be the same as your login for
If your client will not let you connect to your bouncer, try using this password format: <username>/BN:<password>
If it still doesn't work, use the same format for your username.

Many accounts

It is important to understand that if you have an IRC bouncer, there are many different accounts with different software involved.

If you do not use the same password for each account, you must be able to distinguish each account from another. Here's a summary:

Changing your passwords

When your ZNC and Lounge accounts are created, it is a good idea to change these passwords to something secure. Here are the directions for each:

  • Go to and log in with the username and password provided to you.
  • Click on "Your settings" on the right-hand side.
  • In the two password boxes near the top of the page, enter your new password, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save"
  • Log into
  • Click on the settings gear in the lower left corner
  • Scroll down to the password change section and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • /ns set password <new password>


Networks allow you to connect to multiple IRC servers at once. For example, we use the SpigotMC server (, but you might also want to connect to the Espernet server ( Multiple networks allow you to do this.

This chart shows you the cost per network per month on the different subscription lengths.

Network costs per month Subscription length
1 month 3 months 6 months
Network amount 1 $1.00 $1.00 $1.00
2 $.88 $.71 $.50
3 $.83 $.64 $.44
Unlimited* $.75 $.54 $.40

* The stated price is for 4 networks. If you have more networks, the price goes down even more.