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Note: <required argument> [optional argument]

Minigame Plugin

Inital Setup

  • Select the map using worldedit and do /rg [re]define <name>
  • For Murder and Walls, the region name must be murder_<map name> / walls_<map name> so that the entity clearing can function
  • Do /rg flag <region name> pvp allow and any other flags you want
  • Do /mgm create <map name>
  • Do /arenas set <map name>
  • Do /mgm tool and then do /mgm tool minigame <map name> to link the tool to the map
  • Then crouch and right click, it will open the tool menu
    • Beware spawn points can be buggy. If they are then use the command: /mgm set <name> start [team color] <player number>
    • Ex: /mgm set Colormatic start red 1


  • /mgm edit <map name>
  • Enable the minigame.
  • Make it multiplayer.
  • Choose your game mechanic
    • For Last Man Standing, set to Free For All
    • For Murder, set to Infection with the infected percent set to 1
    • For Paintball, set paintball mode to true and set snowball damage to 1000000 (some really high number)
  • Set min/max players, length of the game, and the max/min scores
  • Set the objective description if applicable
  • Put late join in depending on the game type. If an infection or life-based game, never put late join.
  • Put your loadouts in.
  • If a team game remember to put in your team options (second page).
    • Must be red and blue in infection
  • Also on the second page time and weather setting if you want to set it to a specific time of day.
  • Go through player settings and check if there is anything you need to change
  • Always make sure the Gametype is set
  • When in doubt of the correct settings, compare to existing minigames

Test, test, and more testing


  • Add signs in the stats & spectate hall
  • Secure maps that can be spectated inside a barrier box

Stats Signs

   <map name>
  • Size is horizontal x vertical, so generally 3x2 for the middle and 1x2 for the sides
  • Right click the sign to bring the options menu where you can select which statistic to display

Other plugins

Mob Arena


  • /murder kit - Receive all the items related to the game (for loadouts)
  • /murder scraps <map name> [#] - Set or display the scrap spawning rate (Ex: 150)
  • /murder edit <map name> - Edit the scrap spawnpoints for a map.
  • /murder clear <map name> - Clear the scrap spawnpoints for a map
  • /murder count <map name> - Show the number of scrap spawnpoints
  • /murder clearentities <map name> - Clear the dropped items in a map (like the gun and knife from a previous game)
    • Should be automatically run at the start and end of each game
    • Make sure that the region name is murder_<map name>, otherwise this will not work.


  • Use /checkpoint edit <map name>
  • Create the kill region
    • Select the area at the bottom of a map (make sure none of the course goes through this area)
    • /checkpoint create kill
  • Use a worldedit wand to select the ground area of the checkpoint/start/finish zone
  • Use /checkpoint create <start|end|#> while standing in the middle of the checkpoint zone and looking towards the next part of the course
    • Head position matters, except for on the end region

File:Https:// File:Https://


Initial Setup

  • Select the map using worldedit and do /rg define <mapName>
  • Do /rg flag <mapName> invincible allow
  • Do /rg flag <mapName> pvp allow
  • Do /arenas set <mapName>

Creating the game

  • Do /spleef create <mapName>
  • Add the floors
  • Note: The order matters, start the the top of the map and move your way down to the bottom.
    • Select the floor using worldedit
    • Do /spleef addfloor <mapName>
  • Add the death zones
    • Select the area using worldedit
    • Do /spleef adddeathzone <mapName>

Spawn points

  • Note: Where you are looking when you type the command matters.
  • Choose the spawn type
    • Spawnpoint spawns every player on the same point
      • Stand 1 block above spawn location
      • Do /spleef flag <mapName> spawnpoint
    • Multi-Spawn spawns each player on their own point unless there are more players than set points
      • Do /spleef flag <mapName> multi-spawn
      • Stand 1 block above each spawn location
      • Do /spleef flag <mapName> multi-spawn:add
  • Removing multi-spawnpoints
    • Note: Removed the latest added spawnpoint
    • Do /spleef flag <mapName> Multi:remove

Required Flags

  • Lobby
    • Stand 2 blocks above where you want players to teleport to
    • /spleef flag <mapName> lobby
  • Spectate
    • Note: In most maps the lose and spectating points are in the same location.
    • Stand where you want the players to teleport to
    • Do /spleef flag <mapName> spectate
    • Inside the spectating area, make sure to include a sign to leave spectating mode
  • Win Point
    • Stand where you want the winning player to teleport to
    • Do /spleef flag <mapName> winpoint
  • Lose point
    • Note: In most maps the lose and spectating points are in the same location.
    • Stand where you want the losing players to teleport to
    • Do /spleef flag <mapName> lose
  • Leave Point
    • Set this position at /gl
    • Do /spleef flag <mapName> leavepoint
  • Anti-Camping
    • Do /spleef flag <mapName> anticamping
  • Max-Players
    • Do /spleef flag <mapName> max-players <#>
  • Min-Players
    • Do /spleef flag <mapName> min-players 2
  • Vote To Start
    • Do /spleef flag <mapName> vote
  • Game Type
    • Spleef
      • Do nothing (it’s default)
    • Splegg
      • Do /spleef flag <mapName> splegg
    • Bow Spleef
      • Do /spleef flag <mapName> bowspleef
  • If you need to reset/clear a flag
    • Do /spleef flag <gameName> <flag> clear