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Minigames are small games inside of the game Minecraft. Several plugins have been used to make a wide variety of games for players to enjoy. Let's start off with some basic commands. To join a minigame, you type /mgm join [arena name]. For example, /mgm join KodaCove. Though, joining minigames will be done primarily through join signs, which you will do by right-clicking a sign in the /gamelobby. To exit a minigame, all you need to do is type /mgm quit, or right click a minigame quit sign in the lobby of a map.


The server has many gamemodes for users to try out. Here is every gamemode on the server, with some of the more popular ones first.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch (TDM) is a game where two teams face off against each other, attempting to get a certain number of kills before the other team does. An alternative version of the gamemode exists which pits four teams against each other for larger groups of people.

Capture the Flag

The point of CTF is to get into your enemies' base, grab their flag (by right clicking it with an empty hand), and take it back to your base. Capture The Flag is a gamemode that involves a lot more planning and strategy, rather than the straightforward killing presented in team deathmatch. Tactics vary between arenas.

One-Flag CTF

One-Flag CTF is a variation of Capture the Flag which only has one flag in the center of the base. One team must grab that flag and carry it over to the enemies' base and right click the capture flag sign with an empty hand.


Infection contains 2 teams: the survivors and the infected. The survivors' ultimate goal is to survive as a human for the duration of the game, and outlast the infected. The goal of the infected is to find and kill the survivors to bring more to their side. Survivors win by living until the round ends, and infected win by killing all the survivors.


One player starts out as the juggernaut, which is signified by their red name in the scoreboard. Juggernauts are supposed to kill everyone else to get points. Everyone else needs to kill the juggernaut to become the juggernaut, then try not to die themselves.

Free for All

The goal of FFA is simple: kill EVERYTHING! No teams, all you do is take your weapon and kill everything that moves. First person to reach the set number of kills, wins.

Last Man Standing

LMS is similar to Free for All because you need to kill everything you see, but every player has one life. This gamemode requires lots of strategy with determining when to run away from an enemy, who to attack, and more.

1 versus 1

1v1 is fairly similar to Free for All maps, but as the name implies, only two players fight against each other. The first player to reach a certain amount of kills wins the game.

Mob Arena

To join a mob arena, use /ma join [arena name]. It's important to note that the join command IS case sensitive. If the arena is named "MobArena", /ma join mobarena would not work. You would have to type /ma join MobArena. If you're unsure of the exact name of the arena you want to play, you can do /ma arenas to get a list of the arenas. If you decide you want to quit, use /ma leave. Once you join, select a class from one the signs available. You can see the inventory of each class by right clicking the signs. Once your class is selected, ready up by hitting the iron block in the lobby. Enjoy fighting against an endless horde of monsters!


Quake is a game where everyone gets a gun titled a railgun. Players right click the rail gun to shoot it. These guns instantly kill everyone in their path. The first person to get a certain number of kills wins the game. Warning: Occasionally the join signs for quake will stop working. If they do, ask a minigame moderator to reload the plugin.


Paintball is a Minecraft version of the real life activity of paintball. Players get several stacks of snowballs which they throw at enemies to kill them. These snowballs are one-hit kills, which means you immediately kill enemies. The first team to get a certain number of points wins.


Soccer is currently out of order. It will be available again in the future. Soccer is a game where two teams run into a soccer ball to kick it. The goal of the game is to kick the soccer ball into the enemy team's goal. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

One in the Quiver

OITQ is a gamemode where every player gets a wooden sword, a bow, and one arrow. The bow instantly kills every person it hits. When a player gets a kill, they also get another arrow.


Parkour is a singleplayer game where players jump on blocks to get to the end of a course. To join, right click a parkour sign in the /gamelobby to join the map. You can quit by using /pa leave.


X-Run is another singleplayer gamemode where players jump on blocks to get to the end of a course. However, players get a very high speed potion effect, which makes it difficult to get through a map. All maps also have a list of the fastest times in the /warp statshall, which leads players to compete for the best time.


Mazes are the last singleplayer gamemode. The goal is to find your way through the maps to reach the end. Maze players also like to compete for the best completion time in maps.


Spleef is a popular gamemode in Minecraft where players dig out blocks from underneath their enemies' feet. The last person alive wins. To join a spleef game, you can use the spleef join signs in the /gamelobby. Alternatively, you can see the list of spleef games using /spleef list, which also contains a join button for every spleef arena. To leave a spleef game, simply use /spleef leave.


Splegg is a variation of Spleef where players get a shovel that can fire eggs. Yes, it's weird, just live with hit. The eggs from the shovel break the blocks that they hit, which is how you'll kill people.

Bow Spleef

Bow spleef is another variation of Spleef. In this, you get a bow with flame which you use to shoot out blocks of TNT from under peoples' feet. Again, the last player alive wins.

Tag-Team Spleef

Tag-Team Spleef is the final variation of Spleef. Tag-Team spleef is a version of spleef where two teams attempt to break out blocks from underneath their enemies. The first team to lose all of their players loses.

Proof of Concepts

PoC maps are experimental gamemodes that exist to gather community feedback and see what gamemodes players would like maps for.

Hunger Games

Hunger Games is one of the most popular Minecraft gamemodes. Players explore through maps to find chests which contain various pieces of weaponry and armor. The last player alive wins. Warning: This is currently the buggiest gamemode and can often break.


The Walls is another popular Minecraft gamemode where four teams of players gather materials from the environment. Players must prepare themselves for when the walls separating the four teams disappear halfway through the game. The last team alive wins.


Surprisingly, dogfighting doesn't involve dogs. Rather, players get elytras which allow them to fly through the air and kill their enemies. The players must kill their enemies using swords and bows. The first player to reach a certain amount of points wins the game.

Horse Racing

As the name implies, players pick and tame a random horse, which they use to race through an obstacle course of various hazards and traps. The first player to make it to the end of the map wins the game.

Minigame Night

Minigame night is an event that occurs every Saturday from 4-6 PM (EST). Players from all different time zones come together to enjoy minigames as a large group. This provides a great opportunity for us to enjoy the minigames as a group, and even brings the community closer together. It's amazing how close you get to someone that you hack to pieces ;). Overall, it's a fun time, and a great chance for members of the community to interact with each other. It's always a blast. At the end of the night, we put NPC's of the MVP's of the night on stands, then take a screenshot to commemorate the week.


Communication is crucial in any form of team-based game modes. To properly communicate with your team, you should join the /discord server. In CTF, always make sure your flag is properly defended. Some arenas are in the sky, and if the flag carrier falls to the ground, the flag will remain down there for a minute. During this time, the team whose flag has dropped can go entirely on all offense since they have no flag to defend. The opposing team would then (logically) go entirely on defense to compensate for the fact that the entire other team will be charging them. It's important to note that if the flag is dropped on a half slab, it will disappear, and will take a minute to respawn. Infection is primarily hide n' seek. The infected are a lot faster and stronger than the survivors are. Though it is possible to fight the infected, it's recommended that you don't to improve your chances of survival. Hiding provides better results.