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Skyblock is a game mode designed to challenge players who find ordinary survival in a resource rich world too easy. You start off with a very limited amount of supplies on a small island floating in the sky, and must complete a series of challenges that will require you to use your resources wisely.

Getting started

First, use the /warps menu or /skyblock to teleport to the skyblock spawn. If this is your first time playing skyblock you may wish to take a moment to study the example "cobble generator" located in spawn before you go further. The cobble generator is one of the most important tools in Skyblock (more below).

Once you are ready to start your first island, use /is and pick one of the island configurations. The first one is the most straight-forward version, with additional islands providing new challenges for more experienced players. Once you choose, you will be teleported to your island. Your starter kit will be in a chest on the island.

Type /c to view the Challenges menu. Each book represents the next level of challenges. To unlock a level, you must complete all but one of the challenges in the current level.

After reviewing the available challenges, exit the menu and type /is cp. This is your control panel. All the important parts of skyblock can be accessed through this menu.

By default, typing /is will teleport you back to your island. You can change this- if you type /is cp on then the /is command will open the control panel instead of teleporting you.

Now you can get started with your island. A few important things to remember to do before you start destroying things include:

  • Use your bonemeal on the grass to get long grass, and then break the grass to get wheat seeds.
  • Save at least one piece of grass so you can re-grow grass if needed.
  • Make sure you grab a sapling to replant trees
  • You cannot use commands while falling. To prevent cheating, we have disabled all commands, including teleportation commands, while falling, so be careful not to fall. Note: It is a known bug that it will tell you you are falling while you are standing on the edge of the block. You will simply have to move back onto the block completely before executing your command.

Cobblestone Generator

One of the most important tools for Skyblock players is the basic cobble generator. While there are many different methods for building these, the principle remains the same- flowing water + flowing lava = cobble. Done right, this gives you and endless supply of cobblestone with which to build up your island and craft tools. Of course done wrong and you may turn your lava into obsidian, or make stone out of your water source- either of which could spell disaster. You can find an example of a working cobble generator at the skyblock spawn.

Skyblock cobblestone generators are also magic. Unlike normal survival, where flowing lava and flowing water always become boring cobblestone, there is a rare chance for a Skyblock Cobble Gen to create any other ore block from coal or iron all the way to diamond and emerald. The chances for this to occur are currently set really low, but may be changed at staff's discretion.

Emergency Food?

You will find when your island generates that you have an animal such as a cow, chicken, or sheep; probably with a silly name such as <Player name>'s Burger or Emergency Food. You can of course immediately kill this animal and claim it drops. However many later challenges require amassing large quantities of materials dropped by passive mobs, so saving your new friend until you can find a mate might be a better strategy. Of course, if you do wait there is the risk, especially early on, that if you don't pen it up properly that you may watch your new companion drop into the endless void below you- the choice is yours.

Island Level

Islands are "graded" based on the number and quality of blocks placed. All islands start at level 0, and growing your island is a major part of completing the various challenges and unlocking additional materials. Every level costs 100 points. Most common materials add 1 point per block placed, through some rarer materials are worth more (view how much any given block is worth with /is value). As new blocks and recipes are added to minecraft, we will be updating and changing the values of different blocks for game balance. You can view your islands current level through the control panel or by typing /is level

Be aware that every death lowers your island level by one permanently- and that deaths are island-type locked. Resetting your island will not erase the deaths associated with that island type, though there is a cap of 20 deaths- after that additional deaths will not penalize you further.

Your island level early on may go into the negative levels, because you broke some of the initial blocks that are part of your score. This is normal and should be fixed once you start placing things back down to grow your island.

Resetting your Island

If you make a major mistake (like, turning your lava into obsidian) or grow bored of your current challenge, you can choose to reset your island with /is reset. This is a major decision that you will be required to confirm. Once you do you will be taken back to the initial island selector menu and allowed to choose a new island type. Doing so will reset your inventory, your challenges, and give you back a starting, level 0 island (with any death penalties you have for that island style).


Using the control panel or /is biomes you can open the biome GUI. Different biomes have different features- such as the types of flowers or mobs that spawn. Some biome types may be locked and all changes cost econ, choose carefully.

Other helpful tips to get started

  • Breaking ice makes water as long as there is a block directly below the ice. To prevent accidental deaths while extending your island, have water flow off the island as you are building. This will create a constant stream of water you can fall into instead of falling into the void.
  • Never ever carry anything you don't need to.
  • Some challenges offer new items on the second completion as well as the first. For example, one challenge gives you the 4 original saplings for completing it once, but gives all 6 saplings for each completion after the first.
  • Light up everything as you go. Monsters spawn on any block with a light level of 7 or lower. Check the light level of a block, press F3 and look for 'Light: #'
  • If you are not a minecraft expert, type .mcw <topic> in global chat to search the Minecraft wiki. For example, .mcw mushrooms will show you the wiki on mushrooms, so you can learn how to make a mushroom farm without mycelium.


Challenges are what drives skyblock. Completing challenges gives you more items needed to continue to complete other challenges. Note that some challenges provide crucial items in the 'Repeat' reward- meaning you have to complete the challenge 2 or more times to get these items. We have heavily customized the challenges, and will continue to modify them in the future.

VPS and Market

Much like the Creative world, Skyblock has it's own VPS. It also has it's own economy and market separate from the survival world. Like with the main VPS and market, the items and prices can change at any time.

Use /vps and /market in the Skyblock world to access them.

Inviting friends

To invite friends, you can do one of two things:

  • /is coop <player> - Give a player access to your island
  • /is invite <player> - This will send the player an invite to your team. Note that a person can only be on one 'team' at a time- if they already have their island, or are already working with someone else, it might be a better idea to use /is coop.

To remove friends, use the corresponding command:

  • /is eject <player> - Remove 'coop' status of player.
  • /is kick <player> - Remove a player from your 'team'.

New Islands? Better Challenges?

Skyblock allows us to add additional island types and update or add challenges. As part of our commitment to making Bear Nation enjoyable for our community, we are open to adding new content provided or suggested by players. If there is a challenge you want to see that isn't in the current game, the suggestions channel on discord is the place to be. If you have an idea for a new starting island configuration, feel free to build one in our Creative world and submit it for review the same way.


View all Skyblock commands here.