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Feeling Crummy? Was 2018 a rough year? Well, 2019 is here, and like every year, its time to make some resolutions to help make it a better year. You could make lame, boring resolutions like studying more, or eating healthier.... but why?

Instead, why not make a resolution to beat the crap out of friends and loved ones with Bear Nations new SurvivalPVP? Use your own gear! Use your McMMO skills! And best of all, risk almost nothing!

What? McMMO PvP?!?

That's right! Our new arena lets you show off all those fantastic PvP abilities that the game world doesn't let you use. Why play on a level playing field when you put all that effort into maxing out your Axes or getting that Sharpness V Diamond Sword? Be a God.

B-but my stuff! I don't want to risk it!

That my friend is the glory of the Survival PvP arena, you risk almost* nothing. Your inventory will not be dropped on death, allowing you to keep everything you went in with.

* Except durability, consumables, and a $100 entry fee
* Disarming can cause you to drop your weapon, but stealing is forbidden. All weapons must be returned to their original owners by/at the end of the match or you will face consequences per BN rules.

What's it cost? How do I do it?

Each participant is charged a nominal $100 entry fee per combat. To get started send a challenge to your friend with /spvp challenge <player>. You can also invite your friends to come watch you fight with /tpahere <player>. They can leave anytime with /spvp leave. While Bear Nation only charges an entry fee, friendly wagers are allowed and even encouraged (new features may be added if there is sufficient interest). However, participants are reminded that Bear Nation is a drama-free environment, and wagering terms between participants should be clear and honored without needing staff adjudication.

This is just the first release for this game mode, and if the community enjoys it, we plan to expand it a lot more. More maps, more challenge, and more fun. Stay tuned and let us know what you think!