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Getting text mail is lovely, but getting packages is even better. With the PostalService plugin Bear Nation residents can send and receive text, items and even money. Read on for more.


This is a list of handy Commands relating to PostalService:

  • /mail - Open the mail GUI.
  • /mail help - Open the mail help menu.
  • /mail timezone <timezone> - Set your local timezone. Don't know? Look here Use the three letter one in parenthesis on the first line.
  • /mail check - Check for new mail from anywhere
  • /mailbox set - Register a chest as a mailbox.
  • /mailbox remove - Unregister a mailbox.
  • /mailbox removeall - Unregister all your mailboxes.
  • /mailbox find - Mark all nearby mailboxes with a beacon.
  • /mail <mailtype> to:<player> message:<text> (amount: <number>) - Send another player mail. It is recommended that you start with the GUI instead of using this command directly.

Getting Started with PostalService

While you can send mail messages without it, the first thing you will likely want to do is set up a mailbox. Place a single chest anywhere (double chests won't work), then use /mailbox set and left click the chest the same way you would set a protection with LWC. Your mailbox is your friend- it is where you will send and receive all your mail. Once your mailbox is placed, right clicking it will open the Postal Service GUI. From there you can send new mail, set up packages, and claim the items sent to you. You don't need to have a mailbox, as you can do it all through the GUI using the /mail command, but having the mailbox can come in handy. You can place up to 15 mailboxes in the world, but it will not increase the total amount of mail you can have.

Now what? Well, one would assume you are here to learn how to send or receive mail, so let's get to it.

Sending Mail

Sending Mail with Postal Service is easy- you can do this either by using the GUI, or by using the Commands shown below.

To send mail with the GUI left click the book (where it says compose mail) and then select the type of mail you want to send (your options will appear in the chat, just click the one you want). The most important part is understanding the types of mail you can send.

Mail comes in three types: letters, packages, and payments.


Letters are the most basic, boring part of Postal service- text only messages. They will show up as a sheet of paper in the GUI (More on this later).

To send a letter by command simply enter: /mail letter to:<player> message:<text>. Fill out a name and a message, and your letter will whisk away.

To send a letter with the GUI left click the book, select letter in the chat and then add the recipient's name and your message.

You can also send much longer messages by writing in a book (don't sign it) on the first page. At the end, include To:<name> on a separate line. You can then drag and drop this book to the "compose mail" book in the GUI and it will automatically send it as a letter to the recipient. Your entire message, including the To: <name>MUST be on page 1 for this to work, otherwise you just throw the book on the ground. You also get to keep the now blank book and quill, for use in future messages.


Packages are a little more interesting. With packages you can send another player up to 27 stacks of items at one time, along with a message, which will show up as a chest in the GUI. To begin, open the GUI and right-click on the book. This will open the drop box- which will resemble a chest inventory, but with a line of buttons across the 4th row. Any objects placed above those buttons will be sent to the recipient once you compose your message. Use this to send gear, food, or whatever you want. You can open and close this as often as necessary until you are ready to send.

Once you are certain you are sending exactly what you want to, exit the drop box by left clicking the book at the bottom of the drop box (below the buttons), or pressing esc.

To send a package by command simply enter: /mail package to:<player> message:<text>. Fill out a name and a message, and your package will whisk away, clearing the drop box.

To send a package with the GUI left click the book, select package in the chat and then add the recipient's name and your message.


Want to send some of your economy balance to an offline friend? Then payments are the way to go. These will show up as gold ingots in the GUI. You can specify any amount up to your current balance, and away it will whisk.

To send a payment by command simply enter: /mail package to:<player> message:<text> amount:<number>.

To send a payment with the GUI left click the book, select payment in the chat and then add the recipient's name, your message, and the amount you want to send.

Receiving Mail

Receiving mail is just as simple. Just open the GUI and left click the chest to check your inbox. The three mail types will show up differently:

  • Letters- will show up as pieces of paper, hover your mouse over them to read their text and see who sent them.
  • Packages- will show up as chests. Hovering your mouse over them will allow you to see who sent them, read the attached message, and see how many free inventory spaces you need to claim the goodies inside. Once you have the inventory space free, left click on the package to claim its contents.
  • Payments- will show up as gold ingots. Hovering your mouse will give you the name/message and amount, you can then left click to claim the payment and it will be added to your balance.

If you have set your timezone with /mail timezone <timezone> all mail will also have the time/date stamp of when it was mailed to you. If you don't know your timezone check here Use the three letter abbreviation of the timezone in parenthesis on the first line. For example if it says (Eastern Daylight Time) you would use EDT.

The maximum size of your inbox is 200, use shift + right click to clear out old mail and keep your inbox free for new messages.

Sent Mail

You can also view any messages you previous sent by left clicking the Enderchest in the main GUI. Use shift + right click to delete old sent messages from your history.

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