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Survival is Bear Nations main world, view the other worlds here.



Protection (LWC and Homes)



We have a custom economy that the server uses. Find out more about it here.

Resource World



We have McMMO enabled on the server. Find out more about it here.

Daily Rewards

Claim rewards for logging in every day! Just do /dailyrewards and click on the white wool. Use the barriers and arrows to navigate the menu. You can choose between 3 rewards.

The awards get more special as you increase your streak. Not logging in for a day (once between midnight to midnight Eastern US time) will set your streak back to 0. Use /dailyrewards top to see the longest running streaks

Currently there's only rewards up to the 100th day.

Custom Crafting Recipes

With 1.13, Bear Nation added a whole bunch of custom crafting recipes to make survival much more user-friendly. The amount we added is over 9000!!!

All slabs can now be crafted back into their original block form: [1]

Animal Teleport Pens


Survival PVP

PVP is not normally enabled on the server. However, if you want to challenge a player, you can use our custom SurvivalPVP feature.

Wither Arena